Enea: Flexibility and Preciousness

The cart with wheels ENEA belongs to Line Accessories 2011/2012 by MG Wood Furniture.
It 's made of Multilayer Birch Wood, for whom painting and natural non-toxic paints are used that respect the natural balance of the wood and the environment.
ENEA is the cart with wheels designed and constructed by imagining a flexible product, the fine construction, suitable for any use, handy and convenient, capable of providing functional design features of the context in which it is placed.
Equipped with wheels, three shelves, is a product used both as storage for the display of products.


MATERIAL: Multilayer Wood of Birch
LENGTH: 50 cm
HEIGHT: 77 cm
WIDTH: 40 cm

Color Standard Model
The cart with wheels ENEA, in its standard version, comes in wenge stain.
If you do not require customization, ENEA will be made ​​as per photo.

Want to know more about Wengé?!
The wenge is a tree from tropical Africa, from Mozambique to the middle basin of the Congo. It is an essence very hard and dark in color sometimes with very thin yellow stripes. The specific weight exceeds 900 kg / m³. The timber is used in furniture, interior joinery, flooring, cabinetry and veneers.

What products are available in Wengé color?!
All those in the catalogue 2011/2012.
MG Wood furniture can make any product in this color.

iThe color of the Carts ENEA is displayed only.
ENEA can be customized and / or required by any color of the wood among those listed in the sidebar "product Customize" next door.