Valix: Resistance and Portability

The bed VALIX belongs to the Medical Line 2011/2012 MG Legno Arredo.
It's made of Chrome Steel with foam pad 25 / D and a leather-stitched vinyl washable soap.
The bed VALIX was designed and built a product with endless imagining solutions to operate, convenient and able to donate to the modern context in which it is placed.
It's durable and portable because of its innovative "Closing the wallet" and the original and durable nylon bag.
It's a versatile, comfortable, very functional thanks to the adjustable head by autoblccante advanced system, and can also be used in medical centers, physical therapy and rehabilitation.


MATERIAL: Chrome Steel
LENGTH: 172 cm
HEIGHT: 73 cm
WIDTH: 60 cm

Color Standard Model
The bed of the Medical Line VALIX, in its standard version, can be requested with 01 WHITE cushions.
You must specify, when ordering the product, the color of the cushions.

iThe color of the cushions of the bed VALIX is purely indicative.
VALIX can be customized and / or required by any color of the cushions among those listed in the sidebar "product Customize" here.