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MG Legno Arredo is promoted through the official Facebook profile, the official Facebook fan-page and official Twitter profile.

SOCIAL NETWORKS: Facebook - Official Profile

Facebook is a social networking Web site, the property of Facebook, Inc., for free. It is the second most visited site in the world, preceded only by Google. MG Legno Arredo is present and active daily on Facebook with a profile from the official month of April 2011. Keep in touch?!?

SOCIAL NETWORKS: Facebook - Fan Page

MG Legno Arredo is also on Facebook with a Facebook fan-page Journal. Recorded in April 2011, is used purely for web marketing. Through language, FBML, users can keep abreast of the latest news. Click on "I like"!

SOCIAL NETWORKS: Twitter - Official Profile

Twitter is a free social networking and microblogging service that provides users with a personal page updated via text messages with a maximum length of 140 characters. MG Legno Arredo is present and active on Twitter every day with a profile from the official month of April 2011. Stay up to date!

Why is MG Legno Arredo on social networks?

MG Legno Arredo is the social network for several reasons:

  • social media marketing is a phenomenon that, according to statistics published by CISCO, covers almost 100% of the activities of Italian companies, with 75% of them mktg place daily on Facebook, while 50% of Twitter;
  • make massive social networks and viral activities to promote business;
  • Social networks are a great "Environment Officer";
  • Social networks make it easy, efficient, effective and immediate customer care;
  • Social networks allow a direct dialogue between business and consumers by allowing both to consult for advice, clarification and support.