MG Legno Arredo: : our little big company

MG Legno Arredo was founded in 1989 by the ideas of Joseph Milo, who, with passion and dedication, has been able to transfer its experience in wood processing in the production of articles devoted to wellness professionals.
The wide range of products includes beds and accessories for spas, beauty salons, saunas, swimming pools and centers for physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
MG Legno Arredo is a synonym of MADE IN ITALY.

All products are characterized by high quality materials, which translates into reliability and durability unmatched in the industry reference.
The products are the result of careful research and experience in the acquiree, ensure absolute ease of use, functionality and maneuverability.
All beds, trolleys, accessories, and exhibitors are first pieces of furniture in modern design environment capable of giving them an aesthetic value-added features.
The wide choice of colors and patterns can satisfy every need of decoration and functionality.


MG Legno Arredo has created an internal organization divided into several operating areas (administrative, financial and technical), and this favors the identification of responsibilities and competencies.


MG Legno Arredo is designed to satisfy the customers of today and tomorrow, serving as a reference player in providing quality products and 100% Italian design to wellness professionals.


Our method of work provides a breakdown of macro projects in 5 phases with clearly identified roles and activities. This completes the work well in a very complex content.