These terms and conditions of supply are fully applicable to any particular order unless exempted in writing sent by MG Legno Arredo. The granting of the order implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.


The prices indicated in the estimates made on-line and / or e-mail, are approximate and may vary. These changes are communicated to the end user and depend, in most cases, the required option. In any case, the price that will prevail will be indicated on the order confirmation to be sent to the customer after sending the order. The customer is therefore right to accept or reject the order confirmation, if it should find a discrepancy in prices. Acceptance of an order confirmation can be expressed by the performance of the final payment, or by sending the order confirmation, signed for acceptance, if it had been asked to pay in cash. Any price listed on all pages of our site (eg, offers and promotions) are excluding VAT. The prices also do not include transportation except where expressly indicated. However, as will be shown in more detail in section 5, under certain conditions the cost of shipping and insurance are paid entirely by MG Legno Arredo. For each item given in the full price and the discounted price, with discount website. For some products, promotion, discount web may be greater than 40%. In other cases you can find, in addition to the discount website, the price with a promotional discount.


Orders will be accepted for the minimum quantities indicated (only where specified).


The main form of payment is bank transfer ordinary. Those who prefer may require payment on delivery of goods. Cash on delivery involves the addition of the cost of cash amounting to Euro 5.83 plus tax, in addition to the payment of shipping charges (which vary depending on the size of the shipment) and insurance (Euro 2.75). When requesting payment on delivery, this means cash. Alternatively, direct remittance payments are accepted by check or, if they agreed with the Commercial Area of MG Legno Arredo. Payment by check can not be required for the first order, while the next may be accepted at our sole discretion.


The shipping and insurance of the goods shipped as well as the risks arising from it are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. The goods are delivered free, therefore, our store and travel with insurance coverage on the full amount for the account and at the sole risk of the purchaser, even in cases where the carrier has not been indicated by these, as well as in cases where the costs are on us.