Medical bed: The answer for professionals in the sector.

Us of MG Legno Arredo pay close attention to the functionality and design of the MEDICAL LINE, thought for professionals of the sector, the fruit of research, innovation and quality combined with a great experience in the field: this enables us to produce a medical bed which is manageable, functional and 100 % made in Italy.

The medical line is developed to offer models with a light structure and clean lines it includes various models such as the bed for medical examinations and the Bobath bed for treatments, versatile products fit to satisfy the practical needs of every professional.

All the beds are characterized by a simple style developed to bring harmony to the space in which they are placed without losing sight of functionality. Additionally, they are comfortable and practical for both the client and professional thanks to the cushions in high density foam padding with a washable skai leather covering to the structure carefully developed to answer to the needs of the professional.

The beds of the medical line are strong and very practical with the presence of both the adjustable headrest by means of a self-blocking system and accessories such as the roll holders and shelves, features that make them suitable for use un medical centres, physiotherapist centres and rehabilitation centres.