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Us of MG Legno Arredo offer our clients the exclusive service of 3D project. We assist the client in the selection of our products and look to satisfy in full all of their needs.

We offer a professional service of planning and creation of environments in 3D high definition. The work of our team of designers consists in the production of high-quality 3D photorealistic renderings managing in full the creative process from the 3D reconstruction of environments and scenes to the three-dimensional realistic visualizations with lights and shadows and materials to achieve a high-level realism. Our aim is to support our client, wither it be an architecture studio or the individual to obtain a product that is commercial and visually appealing.

The photorealistic renderings represent an important visual tool, thanks to which clients can see and understand the various phases of the project, immersing them in a virtual reality in which volumes, furnishings, functional spaces and accessories are defined and available to view even before they exist. The client can then intervene to modify and actively participate in the process of planning to fully satisfy their needs.

The phases of the work process are three:

Each client has the possibility to send our team of designers the layout of the massage room and after having supplied indications to follow, such as materials, colours and styling we are able to insert our products in the photorealistic projections.

Following this we proceed in the reconstruction of the 3D models of the space and the materials chosen and after a texturing phase of the various elements on the base of the indications supplied by the client we finally proceed with the definition of the chosen lighting.

By means of the professional rendering engine we procced in creation of the high definition photo realistic image. The finishing touches are then added with details that optimise the image and make for the perfect image for the desired purpose.


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